The Box

Generosity is one of our core values at the Vineyard. We refuse to look away from the needs around us. Since “everything that’s ours is ours to give,” we believe that we’re called to follow the example of Christ by responding with love and compassion.


The Box is the need-meeting system which allows the people of Maryville Vineyard Church to learn about needs and practice generosity.

Each week, we spread the word about anonymous needs and give the body of Christ the opportunity to respond. Some of the needs we help with are financial, transportation or even time. It might be someone in our church family, or it might be someone from the area. Most of the time, needs are from right here in Blount County.

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I need help

If you need help, or you know somebody who does, e-mail and let us know about it.

I can help

Make a secure donation via Church Center Online or e-mail to let us know how you can help.

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