Vineyard 101

Maryville_Vineyard_ChurchVineyard 101 is an introduction to Maryville Vineyard Church, and a great way to get a sense of what’s most important to us. Additionally, it is the required class to become a member of our church. The class is taught by Aaron, our Lead Pastor and covers stuff like:

  • History of the Vineyard USA
  • What we believe
  • Our Core Values
  • Requirements of Membership
  • Our mission
  • Lots of Q&A, and more…

The Vineyard 101 class is a time to discuss and ask questions about our church, our core values and beliefs, and Vineyard USA. Before attending Vineyard 101 take some time to review the material found on this page, so that you will have all the relevant information to understand and participate in the discussion.

Statement of Faith presented by Aaron

Let us know you have completed part 1.

Vineyard USA Theological Statements and make note of any questions you may have.

Let us know you have completed part 2.

Kingdom Come sermon series Part 1
Kingdom Come sermon series Part 2

Let us know you have completed part 3.

Pages 1-6 of the Maryville Vineyard Membership booklet.

Let us know you have completed part 4.

Read & Watch
Carefully read each “Requirement of Membership” (pgs.7-15) and watch the corresponding video for each requirement. Make note of an questions you have as you watch and read the requirements.

Connect, Grow, Serve, Give, Reach, & Edify

Let us know you have completed part 5

After covering the materials in each tab, be sure to RSVP for the next Vineyard 101 class and come prepared for discussion and Q&A with Pastor Aaron.